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Towards the interplay between pain, proprioception and gait stability using the example of arthrosis patients

We aim to show the relationship between gait stability, diminished proprioception and chronic pain. Chronic pain not only negatively affects the quality of afferent signals (proprioception), but also impairs the cognitive processes which are essential for stable walking.

This implies that in chronic pain patients, gait is less stable since sensori-motor feedback loops are hampered which, in turn, increases risk of falling in older people. The purpose of this project is to elucidate the underlying mechanisms which are provoked by chronic pain and negatively affect proprioception and gait stability. Based on the acquired knowledge, new and efficient therapy/intervention programs could be deduced.

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Project manager
Prof. Dr. Lutz Schega
Project agent
Dr. Daniel Hamacher
M.Sc. Dennis Hamacher
Project duration




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